Sunday, September 1, 2013

China Grade Bench Mark (W6/NC-221) SOTA Activation and Geo Cacheing

Date: 8/25/2013    Summit: W6/NC-221 (China Grade Bench Mark)

Rig: Yaesu FT857d 30 watts into an MP1-Superantenna (6 - 1/4 wave counter poises, 12ft MFJ Telescoping Whip), 

Route: This is an easy drive up to the summit. We stopped short and followed the trail in order to get some Caches and then made our way up to the summit. The route is really self explanatory if you use the SOTA mapping program.

This activation was a part of an all day outing with the family. We left the house at about 1000 local (1700z) and started up towards skyline blvd with the intent of having a great day geo cacheing. Of course I knew that there was a summit towards the end of the route that could possibly get activated. During the day we ended up finding 19 Caches and activated one SOTA Summit. The Summit ended up being just at the right time as the kids were ready to get out and do some running around. There also happened to be to Caches right in the area of the Summit. As K6EL Elliot has said in his post on SOTA that this summit has a huge activation area which was advantageous to me. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.

This was early in the day at a Geo Cache site. A cool one that was stuck in a rock wall along a trail. This picture is taken in a dry creep bed. This creek looks like it will move pretty quickly during the run off.

Family Pic near a Cache on China Grade. I think that this would actually have been in the activation area but we moved a little bit to where there was a bit of shade.

On our way up to the top we came across these cool rocks. These were pretty steep but very easy to walk on. The smaller rocks on top look like they are not connected to the big rock but it is actually all one rock connected. Pretty interesting and a good play are for the kids.

Colten looks so innocent in these pictures. Don't let the picture fool you he is a typical 3 year old!!!

The face looks a little devious. True Colten!

Peyton, Colten, and Brookelyn posing.


QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2332 KF7PXT        59         W7RV          59          
QSO: 7285 SS 2013-08-25 2325 KF7PXT        59         NS7P          59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2320 KF7PXT        59         N7AMA         59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2318 KF7PXT        59         N4EMG         59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2317 KF7PXT        59         AB7YL         59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2315 KF7PXT        59         VE2JCW        59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2315 KF7PXT        59         K7JFD         59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2314 KF7PXT        59         N5XL          59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2313 KF7PXT        59         K5WI          59          
QSO: 14346 SS 2013-08-25 2311 KF7PXT        59         K5JCT         59          

Thanks to all the Chasers. I look forward to hearing everyone on the air. As a side note I made my first CW contact today (9/1/2013) with KX0R. Look forward to hearing continued improvement chasing and activations with me on CW. Thanks again.

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