Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pt. 970 (W6/NC-422) SOTA Non-Activation Report

On the 26th of January 2014 the family and I decided to make a trip over to Travis AFB. This was really just a day out for a drive but I had known from before that there was an unactivated peak in the area and we like to get at least 5 miles of hiking in on the weekends so we decided to give this one a try. It was a fun trip with the family. This area is open range for cattle and they were quiet interested in what we were doing there. On one occasion we had a steer that was getting a little noisy with us and following us up the trail. I thought that he may try to follow us all the way to the summit but he turned back.

Route: You should be able to get good directions from my every trail post and follow to the "Go" point. There is a nice parking lot there that can accomodate 20-30 cars

Cell Signal: 
I do not know for sure how the signal is at the top but I had 3G signal most of the hike so I can assume that it is good at the top.

Radio working conditions: 

Trail Condition: 
Well Maintained Easy to follow trail.

65 degrees beautiful day!

$6 Fee for parking. Also this park appears to be open only 9 - 5 on Saturday and Sunday.

Lessons Learned: 
*** You only go as far as the kids will let you. If they are starting to get tired on the way up it is about time to turn around and go back. SOTA can wait for another day.

EveryTrail Route:

If you take a look at the actual every trail link then you can see that the trail gets significantly steeper about the time that we turned around. We were about 1/2 mile from the summit when we turned around. I could see the trail all the way to the summit so it will definitely get you there. There are plenty of other 1 point summits that you can do in the area with out a 6 mile trip! I will do this one though before I leave!

Non Applicable. But I had the PFR3 with me today.



They are acting like they love each other right here. Not all the time though! From Left to Right: Peyton, Makaila, Colten, Brookelyn.

On the Way up the trail

Delma making her way up.

A big row of Eucalyptus trees.

Interesting but probably hard to read here.

Peyton was always in the lead. He was a little frustrated as he likes to go quiet a bit faster then the younger kids.

Look for me on this summit again in the weekends to come. We had a great time out hiking.

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