Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larch Mountain (W7W/LC-103) SOTA

Peyton and Brook on the way up.
On 25 March Brookelyn, Peyton and I decided to get out and beat the rain with a hike / SOTA activation. I did not alert this one as I was not sure that I would make the summit with my daughter and the possibility of having to make it through some snow. This was almost a big mistake. I tried to post using text but nothing went through until I was back down at my truck. Later I checked the reverse beacon and this would have been successful if I would have spotted. Lesson learned. We made the easy hike to the summit wiith no problems, stopping to have a couple snow ball fights along the way. I had trouble at the beginning with not being able to spot but thanks to KH2TJ and AE9F for finding me and getting things started. Thanks everyone for spotting me and being there. I was getting worried for a minute. All in all this was a great activation out with the kids. I would really recommend this route on the trail rather then on the other side and following the road. A great first activation in Washington! Thanks Etienne for the suggestion!

Cell Signal: 
Verizon - I was showing signal but was still having trouble getting any texts out.

 Radio working conditions: 
Great conditions

Trail Conditions
Awesome - About 200 yards of snow that was about 6 in. deep. Easy to get through.

About 60 degrees but started to cool off at the summit 55 when we got back to the truck.



PFR3 with 1800 m/ah LiPo - http://www.qrpkits.com/pfr3.html

Thanks to Todd and Dan for getting those much needed spots out for me. 
Thanks to all the Chasers!!!

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