Monday, May 12, 2014

W7W/SO-073 Rock Candy Mountain & W7W/SO-078 ""Message Peak""

Hammy's Resting Place. RIP Hammy.
On 10 May Peyton and I decided to head up in the hills and do a little SOTA. Actually the trip had two purposes. 1. for me to do a SOTA 2. To bury Peyton's Hamster (Hammy). We decided to head up Rock Candy Mountain which is a local peak that I had been to in the past. I knew that you could drive the majority of the way up this summit. We were able to get within about 2 miles of the summit but it is an easy walk from the locked gate. We took our time getting up to the summit. Peyton lead the way up the mountain and at about 1.6 miles we saw a trail heading up the side of the mountain. The trail was faily steep for the last 0.3 miles but the trail was good and the bushwack at the top was not to bad either. When we came out on the road we were at 2293ft which was well within the activation area with the summit at 2,355 ft. I found a decent tree to support my EFHW antenna and Peyton found a good spot to bury Hammy. Peyton did all the digging and burying and then I put together a make shift cross at the end of my activation. As you can tell our dog Charlie also joined us. 

This was the first total activation with the KX1. 
After the activation and a little lesson on life and death with Peyton we started the walk back down to the truck. We talked most of the way down and enjoyed the nice short walk. Later on that day Delma and I decided to head out and go back up in the hills to look for some places that we may be able to camp out for a weekend. We found a few places and were out also for a recon of ""Message Peak"" which was previously unactivated. As I am driving by the road that goes right by the peak Curtis, KC5CW sends me a text and asks if I will be chasing. I texted back and said that I was right by one and asked Del if I could run up and work the summit really quick. Del Joined me and took quite a few pictures of the nice green foliage in the area. I did not have any luck working Curtis but still got a few Qs in to make it a successful activation. 

Highlights of the Day: Getting the KX1 on the air for the first time! Working a S2S with NA6MG! Spending time with Peyton and Delma! Working Finland for the first time from a Summit! Going over 100 Activator Points!
Driving Route to Rock Candy Mountain Locked Gate - - Hiking to Rock Candy Mountain - Driving route to ""Message"" Peak. The little spur to the south is the road that leads right passed the summit. Park at the end of the road and then walk back up to the Peak.

Cell Signal: 
Verizon - I was showing signal but was still having trouble getting any texts out.

 Radio working conditions: 
Great conditions

Trail Conditions
Mostly traveling on roads with a couple short trails / bush whacking. Forest floor did not have  alot of vegetation. Easy going.

Sunny 60 degrees.

Discover pass required -

KX1 / PFR3
Te-Ne-Key and KX1 Paddle

Thanks to all the Chasers. It was great to get Dan (NA6MG) on the S2S, and to work OH9XX from Finland. I spent a lot of time messing with Radios and Antennas.

A good quick activation putting another one on the map. 

Thanks to all the Chasers!!!

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