Monday, June 23, 2014

Black Hills HP (W7W/SO-119) SOTA (1st Activation)

Charlie Enjoys getting out without the leash. 
On 23 June I decided to head up and do this little one pointer that is within a couple miles of the house. This not going to be the next Mount Davidson (Elliot K6EL) as it does not have much to offer. No scenery, lots of logging roads, Teenage Partiers etc. But I did have to be the first to activate this hill. I did take this opportunity to take a lot of my radios out with me to try them out. I tried the RM40, RM20, and then the trusty PFR3 all into the MP1 SuperAntenna. One thing that I always find is that I am always returning to my original MP1 and PFR3 setup. The PFR3 is handy with everything included. The MP1 is a little heavy when compared to a wire but is fast setup and I have not found a location that I could not set it up. It can also be tuned to anything 40 and below. I was able to get one contact N7WM with the RM40, and was not able to pull any with the RM20, if you tried working me when I was on 14.050 on the RM20 I would be interested if you could hear me or not. This is a new build and I would like to know if there was even an inkling of signal getting out.  I did not use the MTR today, the rest came from the PFR3. I also did take the opportunity to test SMS Spot, No issues.

In the picture: Watch set to Zulu time, pill bottle (for my
TeNeKe and head phones, not drugs), PFR3, Clip Board
with TeNeKe and Rite in the Rain pad and CW Cheats,
RM 20 in Otter Box, MTR (2 band), Elecraft T1 Tuner,
RM40 (in blue case).

Cell Signal:
Great Signal (Verizon)


Radio Working conditions:
No issues

Trail Conditions:
Logging Roads / ATV Trails

Sunny 75 degrees


Everytrail Route / Track: - If you happen to do this hike, take a look at the actual track and take my route in and out. They way that I came out took some clever manuevering to avoid / get permission (luckily) for private property access.

N7WM on the 40 Meter Rock Mite, WA2USA with a Summit to Summit! Thanks Chasers!

Thanks to all the chasers and spotters. Like I said the only reason that I activated this one as it was unactivated. There are plenty of other summits in the area worth more points and have much better views. There are a few more like this within a short distance of the house that I will take a look at. Not a lot of points or views but they need to be activated at least once!



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