Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lightning Peak (W7W/SO-021) SOTA

On 8 June Peyton and I decided to go out and try a peak that there was not much information on. Trip reports were few and far between and not detailed. So i took the information that I could find and Peyton and I headed off. We woke up about 0430 and got ready and headed out. When we reached the TH there were no other people there so the parking was all to ourselves. There is room for 3 or 4 cars to park right at the TH and if this is not available then there is more area about 1/2 mile back with plenty of room. We made our way up the Copper Creek trail No. 876 which as a nice stream, old copper mines and nice old growth scenery. They trail is well maintained and clear for the whole trip up to the ridge. After getting to the ridge we hung a left, heading South, on a faint trail heading towards the summit. This ridge trail is rough with some climbing involved with the possibility of falls. I think Peyton is just old enough for me to give it a try. Once the ridge opened up I could immediately see that there was a good bit of snow still in the slide that would have to be navigated to get to the summit. This peak would have to wait for another day. Peyton and I pulled out our breakfast and decided that there would be no better place to eat. I pulled out my HT and decided that I would try to contact my XYL in Olympia and with success I was able to reach her on 147.36 on the OARS repeater, even with the summit between us. Peyton and I finished our breakfast and took some pictures and started making our way back down the trail. After all we did have a plan to head to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium with the rest of the family. This trail to the ridge is a good hike that will take the wind out of you and after the ridge it will test you for sure. If and when I do this summit I am thinking that the kids may have to stay at home. To much stress on me worrying about me and the kids falling!

Cell Signal: 
No signal up to the ridge.

I was able to get into the OARS (Olympia Amateur Radio Society) repeater on 147.36 mhz, 103.5 PL with full quieting.

 Radio working conditions: 

Trail Conditions
The Copper creek trail is in great condition but steep. The ridge trail to Lightening Peak is faint and a class 3 climb at times. The summit looked to have a good deal of shale and is probably not navigable without ice axe / crampons until well into July.
Great weather today!



PFR3 with 1800 m/ah LiPo - http://www.qrpkits.com/pfr3.html
AME Porta Paddle II - http://www.americanmorse.com/portapaddle.htm I am back to the Porta Paddle now. I took it apart and cleaned it up and it is working well. The Te-Ne-Ke is still in the pack as a back up. (This is what I had with me if I would have activated)



Thanks to everyone that was patiently waiting for me to activate. Lack of cell signal and planning did not allow me to update SOTAwatch. If I would have talked to my XYL prior I could have had her send an update. I also could have done a little better planning and contacted Mark (K7NEW) using IRLP and given him an update. I will be better prepared in the future.

Next weekend there is a plan to do a few summits. These are more predictable and have been previously activated.

Thanks again

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