Sunday, June 15, 2014

Otterbox Rock Mite 20 Build

Here is a little idea to share for the mounting of my Rockmite 20. I think that it works out pretty well and even provides some degree of water protection since it is mounted in a otter box.

Here is a link to the box that I used:
I actually bought it at a local store in the hopes that I could put my MTR in it but it is just a little to small for the MTR (The MTR is already in an enclosure, just looking for water proofing).

I put foam on the top just because. Notice that there is the strip of foam wedged in between the case and the board. This is the strip that came with the RM. I am going to try to find a longer strip that goes all the way across the case so that I could have an assortment of freqs to put in. Also I added the middle ground tab to each of these so that I can switch them out easily.
A little closer pic. The stuff on the right side of the picture is just caulking. The case is kind of thick so I was not able to get the headphone jack and key jack far enough through to screw them into the case. I used the caulking to hold them in place. It is nice because they are flush with the case as you can see below. I may have to come up with a better method as it is a little "spongy" feeling when inserting the plug...but it works...for now.
Picture of the case closed up and everything plugged in.

Unplugged. I mounted everything on one side so that I can set it flat and plug everything in.

Close up of the crystal foam. Many frequencies will be available. Right now it is only 14.060 and 14.050

Closer on the Caulking and board.

Closer view on the opposite side of the case.

Here is a picture of the Otterbox hanging on the wall. I like the rubber strap as I can hang the RM20 from my bag, tree, or anything else nearby and plug everything in to keep it off the ground and make the conncectors face forward instead of up if I want to.
This was something that I just had laying around and decided to try to use to mount the RM20. I like it because it is a sturdy plastic container that gives me plenty of room for my big fingers to work! I conntected the RM20 up to an antenna, checked all UC voltages and everything seems to work well. I may have this out on the next SOTA activation and give it a try.

Feel free to send me comments / suggetstions / or other ideas about this box. I am going to build a 30m kit her soon and may look at using the same idea. This worked out pretty well.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Matt, what a great idea. Looks like you did a great job with it. I hope I am able to listen for you when you get it on a summit.
    72 Frank

  2. Thanks Frank. I will let you know when I am heading up there. It seems that everything is working alright on it. I don't have a mw watt meter or I would check it. All I have is a Elecraft T1 Tuner and it does not read below 1 watt. Something I need to get for the shack I guess.

  3. Looks quite solid Matt. Thanks for posting about it here, and for the summit blogs on pnwsota too. Just read about that cold day on Silver Star - brrrrr!
    Fred - N7KRN