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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Ashley Mountain (W7M/FN-193) SOTA

Ashley Mountain SOTA (W7M/FN-193)

Date: 26 June 2022

Summit Name: Ashley Mountain

Summit Coordinates: 48.28116, -114.71206

Distance: 10.83 miles R/T   Start Elevation: 4,915

Prominence: 1437'   Summit Elevation: 6,297 ft.    

Elevation Gain: 1827'          Elevation Loss: 1827'

I am not sure exactly what I was thinking at this time but knowing that I can drive to the summit of Ashley Mountain I decided it would be a good idea to take the mountain bike. SOTA is primarily a recreation activity to get some exercise for me. I do love the drive up summits, especially in the winter, but I like to hike up or bike up as a better option. (A hike up to Blacktail mountain is in the future, Blacktail is a drive up at the top of a ski area). I parked near 48.25329, -114.73812 and followed the pine grass trail to the summit. I would say that this was about 50/50 riding and pushing the bike. I was motivated for the "easy" trip down and kept pushing the bike. 

Cell Signal: Minimal but workable. Was able to self spot using SOTA Spotter app.

APRS: Able to send and receive packets. I did not try spotting on APRS.

Trail Conditions: Trail was in good shape. No blow downs to contend with and plenty of water crossings for the dog to drink. 

Equipment Used: 

Elecraft KX2 with internal 11.2v battery. 

QRP Endfed Antenna 30 meters ( I used the endfed 30m antenna. I was able to tune it to the other bands with the KX2 internal tuner. 

Also check his QRZ profile...great things there also.

Yaesu FTM400XDR - KF7PXT-9 (Mobile APRS) (

Yaesu FT3D - KF7PXT-7 (Hiking APRS) (

Radio Log:

HF was very tough today. I believe that this was field day and I could not hear a single thing on most of the bands. I switched bands and spotted multiple times with nothing. I was able to get AE1MS out of Georgia and surprisingly he was coming in strong. (Onx Tracking and Photos on Map)

 Echo was the highlight of the day. She enjoyed the trip!   

Lake Sylvia

In the video I was attempting to get a good video of the fish jumping. There were plenty of them jumping this evening. But either way you get a video of how awesome of a lake this is. (If you are from Oregon or California bring your bearspray and make sure you spray it all over yourself for this hike...the Grizzlies really like the taste of out of staters)...THIS IS A JOKE, DON'T SPRAY YOURSELF AND THEN SUE ME!! :)