Recent SOTA Activations

Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Frequency Mountain" W7W/SO-094 SOTA

On Sunday, 11 September Delma, Brookelyn, Makaila, Kimber and I went out for a hike. During the hike we did a little geocaching and also made a quick attempt at a local SOTA summit. The total hike was 7.86 miles but this included many quick stops and wanderings to find geocaches. As the trip shows below we started at 12: 54 in the afternoon and were walking for just over 5 hours. Walking with a 3 year old can be slow. There were many short stops along the way to look for caches, drink water, or just explore something in the woods. We all had a great time.

A long hike for the group but everyone seemed to have a great time. 

We have Geocached a lot in this area but this is the first time that we have made it all the way to the top. If you are into geocaching on fairly easy hikes then this is a great one.  As you can see there are many more reasons for us to get up in these woods again. We are thinking about pre positioning a vehicle on the other side and hiking all the way over the top. There is plenty of room for Caches on the other side. The kids had a blast!

A screen shot for the easy SOTA summit. I only managed one contact but we also only stayed on the summit for about 10 minutes. This is a great local summit and a fun place to get out and walk the dogs. We will definitely be back to this one for a full SOTA activation.

Thanks Eric for answering my CQ call.

It is all forest road on the way up. There is a gate at the bottom so you would need a key to get through. All this is Stimson Lumber land and apparently you can get a permit to drive on the roads because I periodically see vehicles on the roads. On this trip we did run into one care. On the right is one of the Geocaches that we found. 

In the picture it shows me with the rubber duck but I actually did put on the telescoping whip and gave it a couple calls with the Kenwood TH-d72a.

 Brookelyn and Colten checking out the loot in one of the Caches.

The kids made a killing today trading a bunch of stuff for some new cool toys. We will have to bring up some more cool stuff to trade up here the next time!

 One of them was up in a tree and required a little help, hid nearby, to get the cache down to hand level. 

We found a number of aliens in the woods today. Seemed to be an invasion of some kind!

On the way down, Delma got a head of the kids and I and had time to take a couple selphies. This is the longest hike we have done in a while and we will do it again soon to get a full activation.