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Friday, August 23, 2013

San Bruno (W6/CC-072) SOTA Activation

Peyton and I went out for this SOTA activation. It was a nice easy one as are most of the ones that I do these days. I figure that I should get the bonus points on the easy ones and then do the harder ones when the weather cools down a little bit!

Date: 8/17/2013    Summit: W6/CC-072 San Bruno Mountain

Rig: Yaesu FT857d 30 watts into an MP-Superantenna (6 - 1/4 wave counter poises, 12ft MFJ Telescoping Whip), 

Route: Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy to park entrance. Paid $6 fee at the gate and then went under the underpass and parked in lot. Hiked following Eucalyptus loop trail, Dairy Ravine Trail, and Ridge Trail. On the way down we used Summit Loop Trail all the way back down to the South and around back to the trailhead. 

This was a quick one with not a lot of pictures. The summit was fairly windy and cloudy and did not give much of a view. This was also the noisyest summit that I have done and most of my contacts were very tough and way down in the noise. Most of the time I was getting very good reports in response to my poor reports out. I think that this was a combination of factors, mostly being all of the RF from the antennas on top. I was also having trouble receiving 2m with my arrow antenna on my HT. K6EL later told me by email that he could here me calling and that I was not able to hear him. This was also the say of the solar storm but this should have been after I was off the summit. A strange day! I appreciate everyone that was patient with me. 

Peyton at the Trailhead

The best view that I was able to see. This was down from the summit. Then the clouds came in and I decided to get a picture before there was nothing else to see!


We set up the Antenna and supported it by piling rocks on the base. The wind was bending the whip over pretty good. All in all it was a successful activation.



Peyton and I decided to take the long way down and got some pictures as the weather started to clear up again. All and all it was a fun activation. Peyton is still enjoying getting up early with dad and heading up to the summits.

Thanks to all the Chasers that are so loyal and patient with me while up on the summit.

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