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Friday, August 9, 2013

University Mountain (W7M/LM-145) SOTA Activation

This was my first Activation of my Montana Trip. I was going to make a Summit of Black Butte (W6/NE-131) on the way through northern California but the Smoke from the southern Oregon Fire was just to much for me to try it.

So I continued on my way to Montana and did the Summit of University Mountain (W7M/LM-145) on 8/2/2013. This was a 7.2 Mile hike.

I Parked in the Pattee Canyon Recreation Area on the South East side of Missoula at the Crazy Canyon trail head parking area. We then made our way to Crazy Canyon Road using trails. We then followed the road and Ridge Trail to the summit of University Mountain.

The beginning of the trail started out as a normal walking trail through fields and trees...the kids and I were still fresh here! The road that you see on the other side of the trail is crazy canyon road.

This is Crazy Canyon Road not far before it meets up with the trail that heads up the road...and also where the kids got slower!

Even our dog Charlie made the trip with us.

This is Where the kids decided that it was starting to get a little steep.

I started to get a little worried that the activation might get postponed because of rain. I kept an eye out for lightening and ear our for thunder but everything turned out well. The hill ended up being in a no rain zone and the clouds seemed to keep going around us...until the trip down.

My crazy kids attempt at a Lewis and Clark Pose. They were having a great time.

I was able to get the radio and equipment set up with no rain. I stuck to 20m except for my last contact with Phil NS7P on 40m. Phil and I understand that Montana and Oregon are just to close for 20m and I make a quick trip to 40 just to check for local chasers.

I was using a FT 857d with a MP1 SuperAntenna with 30w.

My log on the Summit was as follows:


After all contacts were complete we decide to start to make our way down the mountain and not push the issue with the rain any further. Within minutes of starting down the summit the rain started to sprinkle down on us. It was not until later and closer to the van that the rain really started to come down on us. The picture below was a quick break in the clouds on the way down.

A Picture of all of us down near the trail head.

At the end of the day we did not get to wet and managed to avoid most of the rain. The kids had a blast and were looking forward to the next 2 days of heading out to the summits and I looked forward to the weather which looked promising. 

Thanks to all the chasers that supported me up there and continue to make SOTA and enjoyable hobby. My kids are stoked and continue to be excited to go with dad to "talk on the Radio."

Here is the link to my Track and the rest of my pictures:

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