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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lone Tree Mountain (W7W/PL-065) SOTA FIRST ACTIVATION

On Sunday 17 July Brookelyn and I woke up early from our camping trip and decide to make our way to a SOTA Summit that was approximately 2 miles away. I think that we started to hike about 0900 and it took just over an hour to get to the summit. The route follows an old forest road for all of the hike. There is some sections of the hike that have views but there are limited views from the Summit. Make sure you pay attention because this is one of those cases where the named summit is not the highpoint and would not put you in the activation area. Brookelyn had a blast talking on the Radio and stated that her favorite person was Tommy (W7RV) "because he called me by my name." We had a great time. This was a nice easy walk to a four point summit that had not been activated. We will be back to this neck of the woods one day to get some more activations and camping it. Overall a great trip.

Just a short video of the activation. I did not turn the camera on until later in the activation. Sorry Chasers as I try to get the video. I need to get more creative with how I do videos also.

 Top two pictures of Brookelyn working the FT-817nd. Bottom left you can see that the road got pretty brushy in a few places. There was some wet places on the trail and a section of about 300 yards of rock slide that had to be maneuvered.  Brookelyn at the best view on the summit with the SOTA Flag.

 Charlie and Grizzy made the trip up here with us.

Elevation profile. Obviously this is from the top down. I did not run the GPS on the way to the summit.

GPS Track. Notice that the highpoint is not on the names summit. Don't make this mistake if you make the trip up here. 

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