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Friday, May 15, 2020

Cinnamon Mountain (W7M/HB-030) SOTA

My wife and I were in the bigsky area for a conference and took some time just the two of us. Because I am not much of a formal person and prefer to be out walking I decided to head out and do a little hiking. One thing I learned about this area is that it is remote. There is very little APRS signal or cell signal...or people. 

Date: 22 August 2019

Summit Name: Standard Peak

Summit Coordinates: 48.5419 N 114.2471 W

SOTA summit designator: W7M/FN-153.                        Grid Square: DN28vn.

Elevation: 7,196 ft.                                                            Prominence: 1,476 ft.

Distance: 6.2 miles round trip

Cell Signal: Had signal for most of the trip and was able to send spots at summit using SOTA Goat (Verizon).

APRS Signal: I was hitting digipeaters after making the ridge. Definitely would be able to use APRS to SOTA for spots and send messages from the summit.

Trail Conditions: Well maintained. 2 other parties encountered during the trip. There were plenty of Huckleberries along the trail. Bring a Container.

Equipment Used: Kenwood TM-D72 for APRS and FM contacts. Elecraft KX2 for HF. Homebrew dipole antenna (20m).

Radio Log:

Cinnamon Mountain Statistics:

Elevation - 9,231 ft.
Prominence - 1,431 ft.

Cell Signal (Verizon): There was no signal on the hike up. As soon as I got to the summit I had signal but this is not something that I would count on. I would have LTE, then 3G, then nothing all in a few seconds. I was able to use SOTA Goat to get my spots out but I don't know if I would rely on this being a sure possibility.

Trail Conditions:  Great!

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  1. Matt,
    With my new ankle and knee I am ready to hit the hills. Also I just bought a KX2, so I will soon be out there.