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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chalk Peak (W6/SC-121) SOTA Activation

 On the 5th of October I took the kids out so mom could work on some school work in peace and quiet. This was a great trip out. On the way there Brookelyn got sick. I originally thought that it was car sickness and thought that a little walk would help her out. The whole time that we were at the summit she was throwing up so I cut the activation a little short and headed back down to the truck. As it ends up the bug made its way around the entire family. I think that it is over now though.

Route: HWY 101 South to King City, CA. The rest of the directions are below. On the way back we continued over Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd and down to HWY 1 North back to the bay area. A long trip but a lot of fun.

Cell Signal: Yes (Verizon), Signal was in and out but I was able to get some spots out.

Interference: None

Distance: Less then 1 mile.

Trail Condition: Break Brush to the top

EveryTrail Route: No route. All but the last couple hundred feet (vertical) was drive up and pretty much breaking brush to the summit. I think that approaching from the south west and following the ridge up is the best approach.

Setup: FT857d, Home made End Fed on 20m, MP1 SuperAntenna, 3 Counter poises at 1/4 wavelength, 12 ft telescoping whip on 40m, 7.5 A/H SLAB.


I did not get any pictures from the actual summit as I was dealing with a sick kid. I thought that Brookelyn was car sick from the trip up but it seems that after the trip home and multiple episodes that she had a stomach bug. Since then everyone in the family has got it.
This picture is just off the summit back down by the truck.

We took the HWY 1 back home and came down off the summit towards the pacific ocean. 

Looking back up at the summit.

Another Ocean shot.

The Drive off the summit to the West is Great.

We were even able to see some whales during the trip. I got a mediocre video but no pictures.



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