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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fremont Peak (W6/CC-055) Non-Activation Report

Summit: Fremont Peak (W6/CC-055)

On 14 September 2013 the family and I headed out to do a geo-caching adventure. I knew that this was a SOTA summit so I grabbed my bag and brought it along. Though this was not really an activation there is some good information to be shared and some great pics with the family. There is not a lot of room up on the summit but there is a flagpole that could be used for a wire?

Route: HWY 101 South for 51 mi., CA 156E for 3.4 mi, Right on Alameda and follow signs to state park.

Cell Signal: Yes (Verizon), Though I forgot to bring the phone up to the summit with me we had signal in the parking lot so I think that it should be good to go up on the summit.

Interference: I did not actually get the radio up. SWR was really high for some reason and I did not stick around to long with the kids and needing to get back.

Distance: Round Trip 1.8 miles.

Trail Condition: Easy to follow path for all but the last .5 mi. last .2 mi is a scramble to the top.

Setup: FT857d, MP1 SuperAntenna, 6 Counter poises at 1/4 wavelength, 12 ft telescoping whip, 7.5 A/H SLAB.

Contacts: No contacts...This will be for another day. The primary purpose was spending time with the kids...after I forgot the phone, the SWR was all crazy, and the keeping an eye on the kids was a priority so I decided to not activate.

Here is a picture of the Wife and kids on the top in front of the flagpole and the shoe picture at the survey marker!

I find it strange that this is the first place that the flag was raised but a neat piece of history.

View from the Summit to the West.

To the North.

To the East.

A couple pictures looking back up towards the summit.

A little bit of History.

This summit will be activated soon. It is an easy drive and then walk up summit. A little steep at the end and some scrambling up the rocks at the end...but a very short walk.

Thanks for reading.

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