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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fremont Peak (W6/CC-055) SOTA Activation

On 21 October 2013 I headed up to Fremont peak with my 4 year old son Colten and met Steve (WG0AT), and his wife Pam, for a quick SOTA activation. I brought minimal gear that consisted really of water, antenna, tuner, and my HT. I am still on the recovery plan from back surgery. My plan was to try and get enough 2m contacts with the HT to count as an activation. 

Route: From Mountain View, CA take HWY 101 South for 51 mi., CA 156E for 3.4 mi, Right on Alameda and follow signs to state park. Note: If you use a GPS Google on the phone seems to work the best. Car GPS devices tend to take you off on steep dirt roads. If you want to know more ask Steve as the rental car earned its money on this trip. This road can be take easily with about any car, even a rental!

Cell Signal: Yes (Verizon), Steve also had limited digital signal and was able to send out spots on SOTA Goat (Unknown Carrier)

Interference: None.

Distance: Round Trip 1.8 miles.

Trail Condition: Easy to follow path pretty much all the way to the top. The last 50 vertical feet is a scramble.

EveryTrail Route: This is the route from my first trip up there. On this trip I actually did not track it. 

Setup: ATS4 (2 watts), 9 volt battery, SOTA tuner with 1/2 wave wire on 20m.

Contacts: 4 Contacts for me (Below). These were very tough contacts. It took me a lot of concentration on the Morse Code.  I know that Steve got quite a few contacts as well

Screen shot of my log. This is the shortest log that I have ever had but the hardest worked for. I apologize if you called and I did not respond. It was a work-in progress!

Colten and I on the way up to the Summit. (Photo by WG0AT)

Here is the Rig. (Photo by WG0AT)

A view of me trying to get CW contacts. I think that part of my problem was that I can send code significantly faster then I can copy! I was able to get Phil (NS7P) fairly easy. Maybe this is because I am so used to hearing his call. As of this summit Phil has chased me 24 times! My most loyal Chaser. Thanks Phil! (Photo by WG0AT)

Steve showing me how it is done!

Colten making guarding the summit...and eating trail mix! (2nd Photo by WG0AT)

On the way off the Summit talking with Pam. Thanks Pam for your patience with us while I was trying to get my 4 contacts!!!  (Photo by WG0AT)

A Photo of me working CW. (Photo by WG0AT)

This is how I really felt and what I had waiting in my Email when I returned home! Thanks Steve for the great time, motivation, and experience! See you in Colorado one of these days!  Photo by WG0AT.

Thanks to all my very patient chasers. In time you will hear the CW improve greatly. More CW activations to follow!

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